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fOR MORE INFORMATION: +352.691.143.305

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The Club


26, Boulevard Royal

L-2449 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 691 143 305

Luxembourg Sharks Swimming Club a.s.b.l.

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The Club

Our history

If you find us on a sunny beach, somewhere in the Mediterranean, surrounded by friends and family before an Open Water race where we are mixing go time with family time, or if you find us in the pool at a 6am practice on a cold rainy day, you can feel our great passion for swimming that fires our spirit and brings us closer together.

The friendship that has grown during the many hours of swimming together is the foundation on which we have built the Luxembourg Sharks Swimming Club. We want offer a club for swimmers made by swimmers and to do this we put our hearts and our minds to work.

The result is a swimming club which offers a great program for all those who want to swim in a friendly environment.

We would like to invite everyone, from a six month baby to 99+ old to join us and be part of Luxembourg Sharks Swimming Club.

Passionate people, strong team


The President

The Treasurer

The Secretary

Alexis D'Esposito

Frédéric Tonus

Pierre Dochen

Ex Belgian Elite Swimmer

Master European Champion 2018 with 5 titles

Master World Record relay holder since 2019

Expert in open water competitions

Certified FLNS Coach

Master swimmer at International level

Ex Belgian Elite Swimmer

Member of other sport organisations

Master swimmer at International level

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