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fOR MORE INFORMATION: +352.691.143.305

The Club

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Luxembourg Sharks Swimming Club a.s.b.l.

26, Boulevard Royal

L-2449 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 691 143 305


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Baby Swim

Starting from 5 months to 4 years old

Water offers a unique sensory world, allowing babies and children to explore both their internal and external senses and provides a weightless environment that gives babies and toddlers complete freedom of movement. Water requires closeness and trust between parent and child, building strong emotional bonds and a deeper understanding of your child's sensory development.


Each lesson has specifically themed activities, developed with a key focus on early developmental skills. This program is a 'stimulation of all the senses' and combines movements, music and songs, moments of play and togetherness.


What we offer

Package of 10 sessions 

  • 3 months validity package
  • 8 sessions  available of 45 minutes each per week (to be confirmed)
  • When: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri (to be confirmed)
  • Where: To be confirmed
  • Package Cost: 250 EUR
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