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fOR MORE INFORMATION: +352.691.143.305

The Club

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26, Boulevard Royal

L-2449 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 691 143 305

Luxembourg Sharks Swimming Club a.s.b.l.


Privacy Policy

Group lessons

 starting from 6 years old

Our swimming lessons cater for all abilities. From complete beginners, all the way to people who are confident in the water but want to improve their stroke technique, stamina and overall ability or start competing. 

We offer different levels/objectives of swimming lessons that cater for all abilities. You’ll find below the main objectives.


Be Water Confident

These classes give you an introduction to the pool, helping to build your confidence in the water alongside learning basic aquatic skills. These classes take place in shallow water, helping you build confidence in safety.


Be a Swimmer

With the goal of you managing to swim a short distance, this element of our adult swimming lessons helps you to develop your swimming confidence and ability to swim with basic freestyle and backstroke. 



Be a Better Swimmer

Improve your stamina and stroke technique and gain confidence swimming for longer distance at higher intensity, mastering 3 strokes: freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

Be a Complete Swimmer

Our swimming lessons will not only help you refine your stroke technique, but will also help build your endurance and improve your overall physical condition. The goal is also to learn the 4th stroke. You will be able to tackle swim practices up to 2.000 meters.

Be a Master Swimmer

Once you acquired (or already have) the necessary swimming skills and your objective is to compete we offer the possibility to join our master's team, a group of motivated swimmers that will provide you the needed trainings and coaching to perform at your best!

What we offer

Package of 10 lessons

  • Quarterly package
  • 45 minutes per session
  • When: Saturday starting from 1pm to 5pm (4 sessions)
  • Where: Gare district
  • Package Cost: 250 EUR

Next available swimming teaching group will start in September 2019.

Pool assessment is open until the 22nd of August.

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