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Open Water um Stauséi 2024

Luxembourg Sharks Swimming Club a.s.b.l. is organizing the first edition of the Open Water um Stauséi swimming competition on Saturday the 15th of June. The open water competition will take place on the Upper Sûre Lake (Luxembourgish: Stauséi Uewersauer). Large buoys in the water will delimit a circuit of approximately 2 km in length. Participants can register to compete on a 2 km (1 lap), 4 km (2 laps) or 6 km (3 laps) course. The start line and finishing arch will be placed in the water next to Liefrange public beach.

Can I participate?

Of course! All swimmers in good health that are 12 years or older are welcome! You must be able to swim at least 2 km per hour, or you may be disqualified. We recommend that you practice in the pool or at the lake, to make sure you can hold said pace over your chosen distance. Please familiarize yourself with the competition rules before you register for one of the swim races.

When and where do we meet?

The meeting point is Liefrange public beach next to Base Nautique Liefrange. We will welcome participants starting from 8:30am. We recommend that you collect your race kit at least 30 minutes before the briefing of your race. We have planned the following schedule for the competition.

How do I get there?

Public transport is free across Luxembourg and we encourage you to use this excellent service. In summer, the RGTR 155 Navette Stausei and the RGTR 157 Navette Stausei via Bavigne stop at Base Nautique Liefrange, whereas the RGTR 148 stops at Kiirch, a short walk (750m) from Base Nautique Liefrange. Please consult for up to date timetables and travel information.

Is there any parking?

Alternatively you can come by car. We encourage you to carpool with other participants as parking space is limited. Free parkings are indicated on the below Google Maps screenshot with a blue P symbol. They are: Lieferanten Luxembourg, Base Nautique, Parking Mauer 1 & 2. In case you decide to drive down to the Base Nautique, please beware this is a one-way street. When arriving from Liefrange, you must take the second ramp on the left, not the first!

IMPORTANT. For your own safety and the safety of your fellow swimmers, the ramp to and from the Base Nautique must be kept clear at all times for the ambulance truck to pass. Any cars found obstructing the ramp passage may be forcefully removed by police without warning. Please use the designated parking spots in order to avoid getting fined.


What about friends and family?

Your friends and family are welcome to come along, relax, watch you race from Liefrange public beach or explore the beautiful Eislek nature around the lake. The grass beach offers a panoramic view on the lake and a good vantage point to cheer you at the start and finish of your swim. You can bring your own kayak or SUP, but we kindly ask non-participants to steer clear of the race circuit to avoid disturbing the competition. Public toilets are available at the Base Nautique Liefrange next to the beach and there will be a food truck selling BBQ food and fresh drinks on site. We remind you that the event takes place in the IIB protection zone of the Haute-Sûre lake, intended for the production of drinking water. There are hefty fines for people not respecting the environment, abandoning waste or bringing dogs or other domestic animals to the beach.

How much does it cost to participate?

Luxembourg Sharks Swimming Club is a non-profit organization and all staff present at the event is constituted of volunteers. Nevertheless we must recover, at least in part, the costs of this event. We are adopting a timed price grid to encourage you to sign-up early. The earlier you register for your swim race, the less it will cost you! Additionally, by submitting the required documents early (medical certificate, signed disclaimer, parental authorization) you will give us a chance to review and confirm your registration, before it’s too late to correct any issue. For safety and insurance reasons, participants without the necessary documentation will be excluded from the competition.

What are the rules?

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the competition rules, before you register for a swim race. Open Water um Stauséi is an amateur competition for people who love sport, nature and humankind. Participants who are caught doing any of the following will be immediately disqualified:


  1. Hurt, interfere or intentionally obstruct another participant during his race;
  2. Wear bracelets, necklaces, rings or any other kind of ornaments during the race;
  3. Abandon trash in the water, on the banks or beaches of the lake;
  4. Walk or run inside or outside the water during the race;
  5. Fail to listen and follow the instructions given by organizer’s staff, volunteer rescuers or medical and emergency support personnel;
  6. Make use of performance enhancers such as sport gels, energy bars and the likes during the competition.


The organizer is covered by civil liability insurance. However, there is no accident insurance to cover participants for fortuitous accidents relating to the competition and not attributable to the gross negligence of the organizer. Each participant (or his parent/tutor for minors) assumes full responsibility for their participation.

How do I register?

In order to register to one of the swim races, you will need a scanned copy (PDF) or high-res photo (JPG or HEIC) of the following:


  1. Your FLNS/FFN license, ITU triathlete license or medical certificate stating “no contraindication to participating in an open water competition” (French: aucune contre-indication à la pratique de la natation en compétition en eau ouverte). The medical certificate must be less than 12 months old;
  2. The organizer's disclaimer form signed by you (and your parent/legal-guardian, if you are a minor);
  3. For minors only: the parental authorization form signed by your parent/legal-guardian.


We recommend that you have the above stored locally on your device, as well as a valid credit card to pay the registration fee, before you fill-in the registration form.

What should I bring on the day of the competition?

You will need a swim costume and a good pair of swim goggles. During the swim you must wear the swim cap and swim buoy provided as part of the race kit. 


You will need to show us a valid ID document to withdraw your race kit. We also recommend that you bring a printed copy of the above documents with you to the competition.

A neoprene wetsuit is required should the organizer announce that the water temperature is below 18ºC and forbidden should the organizer announce that the water temperature is above 24ºC. In all other cases wearing a neoprene wetsuit is optional. 

I still have a question. Who do I ask?

Please make sure your question is not already answered here or the competition rules.


You can contact us through the following email address: We are volunteers with family and work obligations. We will do as best as we can to answer your query.

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