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fOR MORE INFORMATION: +352.691.143.305

The Club

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26, Boulevard Royal

L-2449 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 691 143 305

Luxembourg Sharks Swimming Club a.s.b.l.


Privacy Policy


Starting from 20 years old

If you can swim at least three different strokes for a minimum of 2.000 meters then you can join the Master’s group and you can be part of one of the three programs offered by our club, designed specifically for your goals.

The Non-Competition Group. This is organised for those who choose swimming as a sport to keep themselves in shape and for those who love to be part of a team. In this group, we will work with you to develop your overall fitness level and to improve your swimming technique.

The Pool Competition Group. This is organised for those who love to get behind the blocks and to bring out the best in themselves. In this group, we will work with you to improve your personal best times by focusing on things like technique, speed, endurance or racing skills. This program will help you step into the international masters swimming world and will bring your competitiveness to a whole new level.


The Open Water Group. This is organised for those who like to challenge themselves and love to participate in Open Water competitions or even Triathlon or Ironman competitions. In this group we will work with you to improve your endurance and mental strength. We will also help you develop a specific technique which allows you to swim at a higher pace for a longer period of time. This will constitute your secret weapon for when you are out there in the Open Waters facing the competition.


What we offer

Yearly membership registration

  • 1h30 minutes training (from Monday to Saturday)
  • Different training plans based on the swimmer goals 
  • Yearly fees: 400 EUR (363 EUR for training registration + 15 EUR membership contribution + 22 EUR FLNS License and insurance)

Our Pools location and training schedules

  • Gare - 32 Rue de Strasbourg: Tue, wed, thu, Fri: from 6 to 7:30
  • Limpertsberg - 157 Avenue Pasteur: Tue, thu : from 19 to 21
  • La Coque: Mon from 20 to 21:30 and Wed from 19:30 to 21
  • Campus Geesseknappchen: Sat from 9 to 10:30
Gare - 32 Rue de Strasbourg
6 - 7:30 
6 - 7:30
6 - 7:30
6 - 7:30
Lycee Lucius  - 157 Avenue Pasteur
19 - 20:30
19 - 20:30
La Coque - 50m pool
20 -21:30
19:30 -21
Campus Geesseknäppchen 50m pool - 40, boulevard Pierre Dupong
9 - 10:30
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