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Amazing results and medals for the Luxemborg Sharks 🦈 team @ European Masters Aquatics Championships❗️

2022-09-08 18:05



Amazing results and medals for the Luxemborg Sharks 🦈 team @ European Masters Aquatics Championships❗️

European Aquatics Masters Championships #Rome2022 - Luxembourg Sharks best history performance in swimming for Luxembourg!


Returning to #luxembourg from European Aquatics Masters Championships #Rome2022 with 5 #medals and very strong personal results and top 10/20 rankings.


But more than anything else coming back as an amazing #team inspiring the whole club and beyond to push harder, encourage each other and set ambitious goals going forward.

Next stop national championships and world championships in Japan! Let’s make it happen!

A big thank you to all swimmers, coaches and the rest of the team for their support making this dream come true!


Our super stars: 

Head Coach Jobrane Touili

Frédéric Tonus : 2 Gold medals and 2 Silver medals, Gold medal in the prestigious 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly !!!

Patrick Juncker: 1 Silver medals

Дмитрий Поляков 

Cedric Wong

Federico Cappello 1 Silver Medal

Steve Sérèmes 1 Silver Medal

François Cochet 1 Silver Medal

Ricardo Nogarolli

Sara Bruno Franco

Claudia Putzolu




Championnats d’Europe Masters à Rome - suite

Tonus Frederic - OR au 100m NL en 0.55.12

Tonus.F Cochet.F Cappello.F Sermes.S - ARGENT au relais 4x50m NL

Sermes Steve - 14e au 50m NL en 0.26.16 et 4e au 100m NL en 0.57.16

Nowaki Nogarolli - 28e au 50m NL en 0.29.55

Cochet Francois - 29e au 50m NL en 0.27.62 et 22e au 50m BR en 0.34.65

Wong Woon Chong Cédric - 34e au 50m NL en 0.26.77

Putzolu Claudia - 7e au 50m NL en 0.28.99 et 6e au 100m NL en 1.04.55

Waltzing Noémie - 38e au 100m NL en 1.12.48

Chalmer Olaf - 37e au 100m NL en 1.22.12 et participation au 50m BR

Cappello Federico - 12e au 100m NL en 0.59.33

Poliakov Dmitri - 14e au 100m DOS en 1.23.18

Juncker Patrick - 9e au 50m BR en 0.34.91 avec un nouveau RN Masters

Nogarolli.R, Wong Chong.C, Juncker.P, Poliakov.D - 9e au relais 4x50m NL

Wong Chong.C, Juncker.P, Bruno Franco.S, Putzolu.C - 13e au relais 4x50m $N mixte

Sermes.S, Putzolu.C, Bruno Franco.S, Tonus.F - 7e au relais 4x50m NL mixte



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