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24/03/2019, 23:15


 This Saturday, Frédéric Tonus has teamed-up under the Belgian flag...

This Saturday, Frédéric Tonus has teamed-up under the Belgian flag with RuudCuyvers, Mike Van Thielen and Stef Verachten, in an attempt to break the 4x100 WorldMasters Record held by the Italian team for the 160-199 category. 
Fred started first and touched thewall in 53.1 seconds, igniting the team with his spectacular swim. After this, allthree other Belgians raised to the occasion and shattered the old record bymore than four seconds, setting the new World Record at 3.27.42. 
Fred is returning to practice thisweek and continues his preparation for the World Master Championship which willtake place in August in South Korea.

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