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fOR MORE INFORMATION: +352.691.143.305

The Club

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26, Boulevard Royal

L-2449 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 691 143 305

Luxembourg Sharks Swimming Club a.s.b.l.

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Luxembourg Sharks Swimming Club


Adults lessons from 12y old

Adult groups and private swimming lessons are available for beginners, intermediate. Sharks' swim instructors are equipped to teach all aspects of swimming, we propose a program in which your child will be actively involved in learning how to swim at a competitive level. ​

From 25 years old

Masters - If  you can  swim at least three different strokes for a minimum of 2000 meters then you can join the Master’s group and you can be part of one of the three programs offered by our club, designed specifically for your goals.​

From 4 years old 

Junior Swimming School - Is  the initiation course in the world of swimming.

Whether your child is comfortable or whether he or she has a slight fear of being in the water, with patience and perseverance, we plan to change their perception and transfom it into a positive experience.

From 5 months to 4 y old

Baby Swim - Right from the beginning contact with water represents an extraordinary experience of play and freedom and the baby experiments with his motor skills, which will then be the basis for walking and running later in life. 

All our activities will start in September 2019.  If you fill out the pre-registration form, you will have the priority to register before the official registration period and you will help the Shark's organization to best plan classes and get ready for the next swimming season.

Our Mission




A club by swimmers for swimmers!

Professional instructors with the experience and competencies

We would love swimming to get more exposure and accommodate for the existing demand.  

Kids and parents share active and pleasant moments creating stronger bonds

French Championship (short course) @ Dunkerque

11/03/2019, 11:28


A super week full of gold medals for Fred & Fede

Sharks start Masters group training

05/03/2019, 21:45


the 11th of March Sharks will launch his first swimming group, Masters.

Frédéric Tonus targeting a world record!

25/02/2019, 21:47


Frédéric Tonus the 23rd of March will

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